Private sector forum – collaborating in private and public

26 Nov 2018

How PCS members in the private and public sectors work closer together in the future will be discussed at our second annual private sector forum at the Liner Hotel, Liverpool on Wednesday (28 November).

Delegates at the event, hosted by our commercial sector association, will be looking at ways we can organise and map the numerous workplaces in the private sector and also how we communicate with our members. They will also hear speakers from our lawyers, Thompsons, updating them on the latest legal developments and TUPE changes. We will also have a TUC speaker on the use of social media and how this can be used to help with campaigning.

We are hoping to have someone from the Labour party’s shadow Treasury team at the forum to answer questions on the future of outsourcing and other issues that affect our private and public sector members.

Our commercial sector organising brings together workers in the private sector who provide services to central government. A new set of commercial sector protocols will be discussed which will help form the blueprint of how our members in both the private and public sectors will work closer together in the future.

If you work in the commercial sector and are not a PCS member, register to join online today. If you’d like to know more email

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