Raising awareness of menopause in the workplace

10 Apr 2019

PCS Learning launches a new, free, e-learning tool for our members which includes an online course on Menopause in the Workplace

PCS has expanded our partnership with online learning experts Wranx to offer six exciting e-learning courses for our members.

Wranx is an online platform that uses the scientifically-proven 'spaced repetition' technique to help you improve your knowledge retention in a few minutes per day.

There are over 800 modules or credits available for our members to access six online courses, including the newly available Raising Awareness: Menopause in the Workplace. Designed to help learners understand what menopause is and to increase awareness of the potential effects of menopause in the workplace, it’s a useful tool to help you retain and develop your knowledge after attending a PCS-run Menopause in the Workplace event.

If you want to download the Wranx app you can do so via the Play Store or App Store and register for free.

CASE STUDY Menopause Awareness Day in Liverpool

Older women between 55 and 64 years old are the fastest growing section of the workforce, yet TUC Education has found that women’s experiences of menopause transitions are often seen as a taboo subject in workplaces with little or no support for menopausal women.

Mary Billington is a union learning rep, working for the MOD in Merseyside.  She said: “It had been highlighted that we have a large number of female staff in the age group that would be experiencing the menopause, so we decided to organise a learning event.”

PCS industrial officer Mary Doolin led the session, which was very well received by the 42 delegates.

Reps at the branch now plan to find out what the MOD policy is on menopause in the work place and how this relates to polices on sickness, attendance management, reasonable adjustments, occupational health and gender equality.

ULR Mary is pleased with the event, saying: “It was a really good event, well received and it has encouraged me to carry on. It shows that the union really can have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

All PCS reps are encouraged to join the on-line TUC webinar on 25 April to find out more about what you can do to raise awareness of menopause issues in the workplace.  Contact your local PCS regional office for details of any upcoming PCS Menopause in the Workplace workshops.

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