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06 Sep 2016

We want all our members to get involved in PCS and if you're not ready to become a rep but want to play your part, become a union advocate and received tailored training to help you in your new role.

It is important that as many union members as possible attend union meetings and make sure that their views are heard. Most of the thousands of reps and activists we have recorded on our membership database have more than one union role, most have 2 and many reps have multiple union jobs. Our aim is to spread the load, and make sure all union jobs are filled by individual members as far as possible.

It is PCS policy to positively encourage younger, female, black, lesbian, gay and transgender members and members with disabilities to get involved. This is because these members are under-represented in our union’s structures. For example, 60% of PCS members are women but only 45% of PCS reps are women. We want to be a union where our reps are fully representative of our membership.

The role of advocate is quite new to PCS and should appeal to people who may not want - at least at present - to be a fully-fledged rep, but who are happy to be the ‘voice’ of PCS on their floor at work. They may already be playing this part without knowing it. Many good members who turn up to meetings, convince colleagues of the value of PCS and generally encourage others to get involved in union activity would be well suited to becoming an advocate. 

The support you offer the union could include:

  • Encouraging your work colleagues to come to union meetings
  • Making sure colleagues have the latest information from PCS
  • Encouraging non-members to join the union.

As a PCS advocate you will:

  • Be sent regular updates from the national union about your role
  • Be offered short training sessions and support from PCS
  • Occasionally be asked to help out with national and local campaigns and initiatives.

Advocates may struggle with getting a lot of time off work to attend extensive trade union education courses, so our initial advocate training session, designed by our organising and learning department is short - no more than 2 hours and is often delivered by branches in workplaces. 

Who can help deliver this?

Staff in our regional/national hubs can help PCS branch officers to deliver the training activities, which are very simple and straightforward and designed to facilitate a discussion within branches about how to improve communications with members.

What you get:

  •  A welcome pack, containing some information on PCS and the advocate role. 
  • A PCS Advocate badge.

We are also designing PCS rep badges for those who want them.

If you have any queries on union advocate training contact PCS headquarters - email or call 020 7801 2691.

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