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04 Jun 2018

All members and reps wishing to get actively involved in the pay campaign are invited to register to attend the events on 9 and 16 June to ensure we achieve the required turnout in our ballot for action over pay.

At our annual delegate conference, the emergency motion about balloting for industrial action over pay was given overwhelming support. The ballot will open on 18 June and close on 23 July.

Because of new trade union laws, to win the statutory ballot we need more than 50% of our total membership to vote. Voting can only take place by post.

It is vitally important that we achieve the 50% margin to give the union a strong mandate to proceed with our campaign.

The workshops on 9 and 16 June will look at:

  • Our national pay strategy and how we translate this into local action plans.
  • How in each branch we can play to our strengths and minimise the impact of any weaknesses.
  • How we engage with members who don’t come to meetings, and are less likely to vote. 
  • How we harness the energy of members currently underrepresented in our union e.g. black, disabled, women and young members.
  • How we win the next generation of workers (many of whom have no previous experience of trade unions) to become the future of PCS.
  • Developing a local plan that involves and maximises engagement with our members, particularly those who are less likely to vote.

Workshops start at 10am and finish no later than 3pm. Lunch will be provided. Except Belfast 2.30-5pm. 

9 June: London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Peterborough, Sheffield

15 June: Belfast - 2:30 to 5pm
Venue: Youth Action Northern Ireland
14 College Square North

To be followed by a PCS Social Event 5:30pm at a local Belfast venue to be confirmed shortly.

16 June: Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham.

All members who wish to become actively involved in the pay campaign and in the union more generally should come to one of the workshops. Please register now.

We also hope that all PCS activists will join us so that we can ensure all branches are prepared and organised for the challenge ahead.

Complete the form to register your interest now.

Updated at 3.55pm on 4 June to include details of new Belfast workshop on 15 June.

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