Remember to post your ballot paper

28 Jun 2018

Because our national pay ballot is a statutory one, voting can only be done by post, so make sure you complete and return your ballot paper as soon as possible.

Once you've voted let us know by completing our online form so we have an idea how the ballot is progressing.

New trade union laws mean that at least 50% of our eligible members in the civil service and related areas must take part in the ballot.

The ballot has to take place by post only, so it’s really important that you remember to complete your ballot paper and put it in a post box as soon as possible. There’s even a handy website that tells you where your nearest post box is.

The more members that vote for action the more the government has to treat us with respect and fairly.

Not voting is really voting no, so please do get involved. You could take a photo of you posting your ballot paper and share it on social media.

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