Scrap the cap – we all deserve a pay rise

06 Sep 2017

We are building on our resounding victory in the High Court which overturned the government’s cuts to civil service redundancy pay by launching a major pay campaign.

Following this victory, which saw the court reinstate the more generous 2010 redundancy terms meaning thousands of pounds in extra payments for many facing redundancy and made redundant since last November, we’re stepping up our pay campaign, by holding a consultative ballot, timed to take place before the autumn budget. The provisional date for the ballot is 9 October to 6 November.

The decision to ballot follows the union’s correspondence to the prime minister after the general election demanding an immediate end to the 1% cap. Damian Green, Minister for the Cabinet Office, in a complacent and dismissive response to the union, claimed that “the civil service offers an exceptional package of benefits.. which are amongst the best available” and that in spite of 120,000 jobs cut, that there is a “trade-off” between pay and jobs.  

Get involved in the campaign

We want all members to get involved in our campaign and send a strong, clear and united message to the government, to scrap the pay cap and fund inflation-proofing pay increases.

We will be organising a range of activities for members to get involved in the campaign including pay-day protests, in every civil service workplace on 29 September. We want you to:

Our members are dedicated to providing the vital services that keep the country running. Our research has shown that civil service pay has fallen by nearly 10% from 2010 to 2016, squeezed harder than pay in the private sector, and the rest of the public sector. The research clearly demonstrates that civil servants across all grades and departments have suffered a very tangible drop in their living standards since 2010.

With inflation projected by the Office of Budget Responsibility to rise and the government’s 1% public sector pay cap due to continue until at least 2020, our members face an unprecedented squeeze in the real value of their earnings.

We are demanding a rise of 5% or £1200, whichever is greater.

Divide and rule

PCS has been campaigning against the pay cap since 2010, and now pressure to remove the 1% pay cap is growing. The government is on the back foot and may soon agree to make concessions on pay. But reports indicate that ministers may attempt to divide public sector workers; prioritising pay increases for senior civil servants and uniformed staff. We must not allow this to happen. All public sector workers have been covered by the seven-year pay cap, all public sector workers make an important contribution and all public sector workers deserve a pay rise.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “The Tories have no mandate to continue with the pay cap. PCS has consistently argued that capping public sector pay is counterproductive, unjust and unnecessary. 

“Civil servants keep this country running, yet they have seen cuts to their pay, pensions and redundancy terms as a result of the government’s austerity policies. It is only right that our members have their say and send the government a clear message over pay.

“We are clear, pay misery for public servants must end and the government must restore public sector pay to levels that allow working people to live with the dignity and security they deserve.”

We need to send the strongest possible message to the government, that we all deserve a pay rise. Which is why, next month, PCS is planning to hold the consultative ballot of public sector members.

In the meantime we want all members to get involved in the campaign.

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