Second round of pay day protests send another clear message to the government

31 Oct 2017

Following the success of 29 September, PCS members from across the UK were once again protesting at their workplaces to call on the government to scrap the 1% public sector pay cap and deliver fully-funded rises for all.


The protests go hand in hand with our consultative ballot which is underway at present, asking PCS members if they agree that the public sector pay cap should be removed, and if they are prepared to take industrial action if it isn’t.

Many members have used our pay calculator to see the impact of seven years of pay restraint and have been sharing their results on social media and by emailing chancellor Philip Hammond.

Losing millions in pay

At the first of two meetings at the DWP Northgate site in Glasgow, members of the branch there have estimated that members in their branch will have lost more than £5.5m by 2020 if the pay cap continues.

At the Equality and Human Rights Commission, where jobs have been cut and budgets slashed, meetings have been held across all sites and desktops leafleted

Members at the Heritage Lottery Fund in London and the East Midlands posed with photo cards declaring “we all deserve a pay rise” and “I’m voting YES”.

In Stoke, PCS reps lobbied local media to spread the message about how the pay cap is affecting the local economy.

Dozens of members from local branches and workplaces gathered at the prominent Victoria Monument in Liverpool with banners and speeches.

Many other events and protests took place all across the UK involving a wide number of workplaces and employer groups.

A touch of humour

In Shipley, the HMRC branch pay protest had a Halloween skeleton join their payday protests against the government’s ghoulish pay cap, while elsewhere amember dressed as Harry Potter wizard Hermione Grainger held a placard that read “you don’t have to be a wizard to see that the pay cap is wrong”.

At the BEIS East Midlands branch, rep Nick Parker dressed as Tigger to say that “A 5% pay rise would be GRRRREAT!”

You can view photos of the protests and events held across the UK on our Flickr, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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