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24 Feb 2017

We have launched an online petition calling for the government to halt its plans to close one in 10 jobcentres.

In January the government announced plans to close 78 out of 714 jobcentres, with work and staff transferring to the nearest alternative jobcentre.

In addition, 30 “back-of-house” offices including call centres and benefit processing sites, will close and a further 80 jobcentres are to be moved to within local authority premises.

Many other offices have been given notice that they will close in three to five years.

Many of the jobcentres threatened with closure are in areas of high unemployment and our members provide crucial services in the local communities.

Please sign our online petition to save the DWP offices and circulate it as widely as possible. 

Local action and petitions

As well as PCS’s online petition, others have been set up by MPs and local campaigners to fight the closures in specific areas and towns.


In Glasgow, where half the city’s jobcentres are being targeted, a petition has been organised by 12 MPs and MSPs, directed towards Damian Hinds, Minister for the DWP.

A separate petition has been set up by local MP Alison Thewliss against the closure of Bridgeton in Glasgow and there is also a separate petition to save Alexandria jobcentre, 20 miles north west of the city.


In Darwen in Lancashire, a petition has been set up by a local resident who says that people depend on the service.


A petition to save Shipley jobcentre has been set up, saying, ”Closing Shipley Jobcentre will impact on vulnerable local people and the local economy. Customers will be burdened with additional transport costs to access vital services, increasing poverty within the town. Closing the office will impact on the local economy as customers will be less likely to visit the town centre and spend money in local businesses.”

Louise Haigh MP has set up a petition against the closure of Eastern Avenue jobcentre in Sheffield.  The wording of her petition specifically mentions the 70 job centre staff who would be affected by the closure.

County Durham

PCS group executive council (GEC) member Dave Semple set up the petition to save Vinovium House in Bishop Auckland.

The petition points out that “No alternative locations have been yet found for the [83] staff to be moved into and there is a very real prospect no suitable office will be found within daily travel, meaning that many of these staff could be forced out of work.”

Public consultation

You can also get involved by sending in comments in response to the public consultation on each closure, which closes on 28 February.



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