Sign up for PCS reps meeting on coronavirus safety and no forced return to workplaces

17 Sep 2020

PCS reps are urged to sign up in advance for a briefing taking place at 6pm on Wednesday (23) to discuss how to respond to the UK government decision to force civil servants in England to return to workplaces.

Whether you represent members who are already required to attend a workplace, or those who work in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, your views are important. So please sign up for the meeting and complete the survey which has been emailed to members.

On 4 September, the Cabinet Office wrote to PCS to say that by the end of September the majority of civil servants in England will be required to attend workplaces, even if there is no operational reason to attend.

Watch the latest PCS video which explains why we believe that there should be no forced return to workplaces.

PCS recognises that members are in different positions, but strongly opposes any member being forced to return to a workplace that they, or their union, believes is unsafe.

Please sign up for and attend the reps’ briefing.

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