Solid support for week of Interserve FCO strike action

25 Sep 2019

Facilities management workers at the FCO finished their fifth day of the fifth period of strike action today.

The strike was 100% supported by union members who picketed every day.

Strikers also leafleted over the open day weekend to let the public know how the cleaners and maintenance workers are treated. Many expressed disgust that Interserve show staff so little respect. 

Again this week Interserve brought in sub-contractors to do the work of the strikers, something they have denied doing as part of the Met Police investigation into breaches of employment regulations (link to previous web story).

The dispute has cost Interserve £100,000s, and could easily be resolved through union recognition and genuine negotiations.  It is of little wonder that Interserve went into administration earlier this year, if this is how they squander money. 

Members have been resilient throughout this dispute, and will not give up until they win.

How you can help

To support the strikers, please: 

  • make a donation to the strike fund
  • send messages of support to
  • write to your MP to pressurise the Foreign Secretary to get the dispute settled.

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