Statement on the Grenfell tower fire

16 Jun 2017

At least 30 people have died, with many more missing, and dozens injured in the horrific fire at Grenfell tower on the Lancaster West estate in London.  

PCS sends solidarity to all those affected by the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower in west London. Our thoughts are with the victims of this shocking fire and their families, and all those who have lost friends and loved ones. We grieve for those who have lost their lives so tragically and we offer our condolences to all those affected by the fire

We pay tribute to the dedicated emergency services and public service workers who responded so selflessly and professionally, and who worked tirelessly to save lives in such horrific circumstances and in the face of considerable danger to their own lives.

PCS has members who live in Grenfell Tower. Branch reps and the national union are supporting members directly involved in the incident and every assistance is being given.

It is absolutely vital that all those made homeless by the fire are rehoused in safe and appropriate accommodation locally. There must be no prevarication and the government must ensure the money needed to support a devastated community is provided in full and without delay.

The Grenfell fire exposes the scale of inequality in our society, and in housing in particular. People in social housing were killed and injured in a tragedy that could have been avoided in the richest borough in our country.

There are pressing questions that need answering as a matter of absolute urgency and it is important there is a full political debate in due course. The government must commit to a fully independent inquiry that does not prevaricate and reports back quickly to establish exactly what happened and what can be done to prevent such a tragedy happening again.

Everyone has the right to a safe and permanent home, yet for too many people this is simply not the case. There must be an immediate halt to further cuts to local authorities, and large-scale investment in social housing and vital public services as a matter of urgency.

Our union's national exectuvie committee meets next week and will agree donations and further support.

Mark Serwotka                     Janice Goodrich

General Secretary                  President


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