Strike action in EHRC to escalate

09 May 2017

A rolling programme of five-day strikes will start from 15 May in the dispute over jobs, budgets and the reinstatement of sacked staff.

On 9 February, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), recognised by the United Nations as a lead organisation for the promotion and protection of equality and human rights, sacked eight staff by e-mail.

PCS and Unite immediately launched a campaign to lobby for their reinstatement and redeployment into one of over 30 notified vacancies in the Commission. This campaign included calling further well-supported protest strike action across EHRC.

We have continuously sought a negotiated settlement and PCS suspended its strike planned for 20 March to enable meaningful talks to take place with the support of ACAS.

Our demand is clear: the sacked members should be redeployed into Commission vacancies or found roles in the wider civil service.

However, during negotiations it has become apparent that the employer is resisting genuine redeployment of the staff, insisting on an effective ban from returning to their offices.

Therefore, our members have agreed to take part in longer term strike action by PCS.

This will involve a sustained rolling programme of 5 day strikes at all the major EHRC sites commencing on 15 May.

Glasgow 15 May - 19 May

London 22 May - 25 May

Cardiff 29 May - 2 June

Manchester 5 June - 9 June

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