Supporting members through the menopause

11 Jan 2018

The menopause affects the working lives of the vast majority of women but there is often a lack of support at work; the TUC has launched a brand new training resource that contains all you need to know about supporting members through the menopause.

In 2016 a Wales TUC survey of almost 4000 workers revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 workers said the menopause had affected their working life.  

The menopause is part of the natural aging process for women but can occur at a range of ages and for different reasons.

The menopause is often treated negatively or as a joke in the workplace.  31% of workers surveyed by the TUC felt the menopause was treated negatively in their workplace.

Very few workplaces have policies in place to support those who experience difficulties during the menopause, although in the TUC’s survey of 4000 workers, nearly nine out of ten said they’d like one.

Many people are aware of the physical effects of the menopause but the psychological symptoms can be overlooked.  Depression, anxiety and high levels of stress are symptoms that can make the menopause a time of uncertainty, affecting a woman’s confidence at work.

The TUC has created an eNote that helps reps to be aware of the issues surrounding the menopause in the workplace.  It highlights how the menopause is an equality issue and can be covered by the Equality Act (2010) and also the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).  It also gives guidance on how to take action within the workplace and what you can do as a rep.

To register for the TUC’s free e-learning modules, covering a wide range of topics, visit the TUC Education website.

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