T for Trade Union Education

23 Nov 2020

In the A to Z of benefits of joining the union, T is for trade union education

The PCS Academy provides a comprehensive trade union education to all of our reps and active members, to support members and give them a stronger voice in the workplace.

The Academy trains PCS reps to:

  • represent members as individuals or groups
  • look for ways to negotiate with the employer, for the benefit of all members, and
  • understand the importance of communication with our members.

Courses can be bitesize, one-day or multi-day classroom courses. During the current coronavirus pandemic our courses have been adapted to run remotely, on Zoom.

The core programme includes the Welcome to PCS course, and introduction for advocates, and other basic courses that reps need to give them the skills to operate effectively in the workplace. The bitesize courses concentrate on more specific issues in more detail and there are also courses for specialised roles such as learning reps or H&S reps.

Some courses are open to all members and can be a great way of getting more actively involved in the union for the first time.

Sign up today for PCS training in your region and join us on the road to building, growing and winning.  Contact your local PCS for details or speak to your rep.

Read more details on the Academy course pages.

Work in UK government and not a PCS member? Join online today.

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