Tate strike continues into fifth week

22 Sep 2020

The striking members have organised another week of activities to engage support for their campaign.

Members working for Tate Enterprises in the galleries’ shops have been on strike since 18 August following the announcement of 313 job losses.

They have already arranged a series of activities including both physical and online protests, and a march on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and Parliament Square.

Today (22) PCS members will be outside Tate Modern Main Entrance from 10.45am until 1pm answering questions and giving out information on the campaign as well as inviting visitors to join in with making a protest sign, poster or banner.  Art materials will be provided.

Strike day 35, "The Art of Noise" 23 September

Join striking members from 1:30-5:30pm outside Tate Britain Manton Entrance to make some noise and raise awareness of the strike.

Strike Day 36, Digital Protest Day, 24 September

Join striking Tate workers for their fourth day of digital actions from 10:30am – 6pm, with live Instagram chats, special guests and more. Follow the campaign on Instagram and Twitter @Tate_United and use the hashtag #TateDigitalProtest.

Strike Day 38, "Six Weeks of Solidarity", 26 September

Protest at Tate Modern from 11:00am – 3:15pm

Join striking workers from the shops outside Tate Modern Main Entrance to support six weeks of strike action with special guests, performers and surprises. Tate United Art Stall will also be open, with artworks and zines made by staff and artists, available to buy in support of the strike fund.

The campaign's website, tateunited.com, contains lots of information about the strike, how you can help and get involved, and photos and social media links.

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