Tell us how MOJ MEP plans affect you

10 Aug 2018

We want to hear from PCS members in the Ministry of Justice about how the department’s modernising employment proposition affects you.

Under the plans staff are being asked to agree to having their hours increased to a 38-hour working week and having their overtime cut and sick pay reduced.

The majority of the members affected by the plans are women who are often less likely to be able to extend their hours. If the proposals are implemented they would have to declare themselves part time and would only receive pro-rated pay and see their pay cut as a result.

Already some members have worked out that they will receive as little as 3p an hour.

While some staff could receive an average 11% pay rise over 5 years in exchange for having their terms and conditions slashed, 50% of members would receive a pay increase of less than that and in the case of staff who will be forced to go part time, because they are unable to increase their weekly hours, they will suffer a pay cut.

As we urge members to vote no to oppose the MEP in a ballot which opens next week we want to hear from you about how the proposals affect you.

Let us know your personal circumstances and:

  • What effect a longer working week will have on you
  • If you will be forced to work part time
  • What will the lack of overtime pay do to our household budget
  • What impact working Saturdays and bank holidays would have on you and your family?


With your consent we may use some of your submissions for quotes or case studies in support of our ballot. We will store your information securely and will only use it for the purposes of this campaign. 

Vote no

We urge all eligible members to vote no to the question:

Do you accept the modernising employment proposition 2018-2022 offer?

The flaw in the MEP offer is that it is largely self-financed. The lack of new money from government means that while the majority of staff will receive a pay award they will have to sell their terms and conditions to get it.

Have your say

MOJ negotiators have made it clear that these proposed detrimental changes linked to this offer can only take effect with the consent of PCS membersOnly you can decide if you think it is the right thing to do. 

If members vote to reject the offer PCS will seek to reopen negotiations with the MoJ on pay. In addition to seeking improvements to the current offer we will also demand clarity from the employer on HMCTS reform, job security and terms and conditions of service.


If you have registered a personal email address with PCS you will be sent instructions about how to vote online, which you can do until 2pm on 30 August. If you don’t have a registered personal email address you will receive your ballot paper by post and you must return your ballot paper by Tuesday 23, August.

What you can do

  • Vote no in the ballot
  • Attend a PCS meeting – we are planning to organise members’ meetings at every office in the next month
  • Encourage non-members to join PCS. If you join by 23 August you will be able to vote in this ballot if you register a personal email address.

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