Tell us how you delivered during lockdown

04 Sep 2020

As part of our campaign for a fair pay rise for UK government workers we want to hear personal stories from PCS members about how they delivered during lockdown.

We want members to email their case studies to to describe the work they have done, anything that has made it tough and how they have got through it and why they need a pay rise.

Our members help to keep the country running by:

  • Delivering the job retention scheme
  • Dealing with more than with 2.6 million claims to Universal Credit
  • Keeping government running
  • Keeping our road and transport network open
  • Keeping our borders open and secure
  • Keeping our justice system running
  • Keeping our prisons running.

And yet many of our members have struggled through 10 years in which the real value of their pay has fallen and many live in hardship. That’s why we are calling on the government to start to restore the real value of government workers’ pay with a 10% increase in 2020.

As part of our campaign we’re also asking PCS members to force the government to deliver fair pay by:

  1. Signing our petition, on the UK government and parliament petitions website. 
  2. Sharing our petition on social media.
  3. Asking a work colleague to sign the petition. The more of us who sign it the stronger we are.
  4. Getting involved in PCS, if you’re not already
  5. Asking non-members in your workplace to join PCS. The more of us who are in the union, the more chance we’ve got of being successful.
  6. Telling us how you've delivered during lockdown, email 

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