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#JC4PM: PCS hosts brilliant night of music, politics and comedy

Crowds were wowed by an inspiring, electrifying night of brilliant music, comedy and politics as PCS hosted the JC4PM tour in Brighton.

PCS tells TUC: strike for pay cap 

PCS has called on the TUC to actively supporting and coordinating strike action across the trade union movement to break the government's disastrous 1% public sector pay cap.

Immigration Act is serious threat to all

Speakers at TUC Congress explained how the Immigration Acct posed a serious threat to all, including workers in the health, finance, local authorities, housing, agriculture and education sectors.

Defend the Human Rights Act

Trade union rights enshrined in the Human Rights Act are under attack through government plans to replace it with a weakened British Bill of Rights, TUC Congress heard. 



Urgent need for new anti-racism and anti-cuts campaign

Unions should launch a new campaign against racism and cuts in public spending in the wake of the vote to leave the EU, we say at the TUC annual conference today.

Overhaul needed for organ donations

We have called for the system of organ donation in the UK to be overhauled with a powerful message to TUC delegates.

Call for action against Trade Union Act

A packed TUC Congress hall heard that the Trade Union Act would turn back the clock on workers' rights.

Fringe meeting: TUC fringe event discusses equality post-Brexit

Following on from this morning’s session on workers' rights after the Brexit vote, delegates attending the TUC fringe discussion on organising for equality after the EU referendum heard about its impact on disabled and LGBT members.

Fighting for facilities time

Delgates to TUC Congress heard how the spectre of further cuts hanging over facilities time would be fought by the unions.


Prison service in crisis

TUC Congress heard how the prison service is in crisis with a record number of death in custodies, self-harm, homicides, assaults, concerted indiscipline and placing the health and safety of both staff and prisoners in danger.

A real living wage for decent quality of life

Speakers to TUC Congress, including PCS, repeatedly called for a real living wage that would allow workers a decent quality of life.

Rebuild social security to tackle poverty and inequality

The need for a modern social security system for men and women to be rebuilt as part of tackling poverty and inequality was raised by delegates to TUC Congress.

Welfare charter outlines plan for fair social security

A welfare charter calling for a social security system that enables everyone to have a safe, warm home, good food, proper clothing and to participate in society was backed by TUC Congress.

Fringe meeting: Welfare charter launched offer alternative to cruel cuts agenda

A new welfare charter, which offers a positive alternative to the cruel cuts agenda, was discussed at a TUC Congress fringe meeting.

Passionate debate on climate change, just transition and climate jobs

A passionate debate took place at TUC Congress on the issue of climate change as delegates from across the union movement took different positions on the difficult issues around defending jobs and taking action to secure the future of the planet.

Fringe meeting: Growing calls for electoral reform

Electoral reform is picking up pace right across the union, a TUC Congress fringe event heard.

Scrap work capability assessments now

PCS backed a call by TUC Congress for work capability assessments, linked to suicide and cases of depression, to be scrapped.


Making huge justice cuts undermines most vulnerable in society

PCS highlighted the impact and consequences of cuts to the justice sector in a TUC Congress debate on how austerity undermines the most vulnerable in society.

Brexit should not erode workers' rights

PCS told TUC Congress the Brexit vote must not become a pretext for making the working class and the trade unions pay the price for a crisis they did not cause.


PCS at TUC 2016 preview

Calling for action on pay, tackling racism and campaigning for tax justice, are some of the key points the PCS delegation will be making at TUC Congress in Brighton.

Join the National Shop Stewards Network rally

A major rally before the start of this year's TUC Congress in Brighton will hear speakers, including shadow chancellor John McDonnell and PCS president Janice Godrich, discuss the need to unite to defeat the Tories and their continuing programme of austerity.

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