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Unions vote for national unity demo on 17 November

Unions and community groups must work together and mobilise in greater numbers to oppose the rise of racist and fascist activity across Europe, Congress says.

PCS calls for coordinated public sector pay campaign at TUC

PCS laid down the gauntlet to the government on pay, calling for coordination of union action across the country to push for above-inflation pay rises in the public sector.

PCS condemns $300 million US cut to budget for aid to Palestinian refugees

The decision by the Trump administration to cut $300 million from the aid budget to the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNWRA) responsible for 5.4 million Palestinian refugees, was condemned by PCS at TUC Congress today (12).

Social security is a fundamental right – PCS

PCS president Janice Godrich moved the unanimously passed motion at the TUC Congress in Manchester, which calls on the general council to work with the union to influence the next Labour manifesto on social security.

Mark Serwotka becomes TUC president

The PCS general secretary takes over the reins and will chair TUC Congress in Brighton in 2019.


Working on the challenges of automation

Unions have a central role to play in helping members with the challenges involved with increased automation and technological changes.

PCS supports ending the hostile environment immigration policy

PCS supports ending the hostile environment for immigrants, calls for justice for the Windrush generation and condemns government attempts to blame Home Office staff.

PCS TUC fringe: Labour must return to the founding principles of the welfare state

We need to see a Corbyn government commit to overturn decades of attacks on and ridicule of benefits claimants and return to the founding principles of a properly-resourced welfare state, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka told our union’s TUC Congress fringe today (11).

Proud to fight the politics of hate

Trade unions vote to continue their campaigning and initiatives to challenge the far right, racism and other divisive policies.

Unions vote to support the arts against cuts

A motion on austerity, artists and discrimination warns that local authority cuts are hitting grass roots arts the hardest.

Congress calls for a decarbonised economy by 2050

The TUC voted to lobby for an independent evaluation of fracking risks and a commitment to a clean gas strategy.

Debate over move to low-carbon economy must include all unions, says PCS

All unions and communities must be involved in the creation of TUC policies about the just transition to a low-carbon economy, PCS argued at TUC Congress today (11).

PCS backs TUC call to support rights for trans people at work and in wider society

PCS backed calls for the TUC to campaign for a simplified, free, statutory gender-recognition process based on self-declaration and to support rights for trans people at work and in wider society.


Congress votes to call government out over Brexit

A “no-deal” or a deal that fails working people should lead to a general election, delegates agree.  PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka spoke passionately in support of the motion.

Effective regulation to protect our health and wellbeing is falling short

The TUC has been hearing how the government’s austerity policies and Brexit are threatening social, safety and environmental regulation.

PCS supports a new deal for workers

Congress votes for unions to work together to deliver a new deal for workers to tackle insecure employment, inequality and in-work poverty and stress.

PCS shows solidarity with victims of Grenfell

We need to recommit to fighting for justice and to holding politicians, contractors and other agencies to account for the Grenfell Tower fire was the message of a TUC Congress motion supported by PCS.

TUC TUCG fringe: how fighting trade unions make a real difference

Unions fighting back together to deliver results in the workplace and across our communities demonstrates the value of membership to a new generation of workers, a TUC Congress fringe meeting, supported by PCS, heard today (10).

TUC to make 2019 the year of young workers

The TUC is to make 2019 the year of the young worker in a move backed by PCS.

Fightback against the failure of privatisation

PCS vice president Kevin McHugh tells Congress that privatisation “specialises in failure, it fails the workers, it fails the services” and urged the TUC to fight back and end the failure of the privatisation of public services.


PCS launches email campaign to demand Philip Hammond invests in public services

Invest in public services is our message to chancellor Philip Hammond as we launch an email campaign at TUC Congress in Manchester today (9) to urge him to introduce a budget that supports our vital services.

PCS at TUC Congress 2018 preview: invest in public services

At TUC Congress, which starts at 4pm on Sunday (9) at Manchester Central Convention Complex, we will be sending a message to chancellor Philip Hammond that in his upcoming budget he needs to invest in public services and start to redress the balance after nearly a decade of austerity.


Join PCS at our TUC fringe meeting 12.45pm 11 September

Join the debate on what a properly-resourced and funded social security system would look like under a progressive Labour government at the PCS TUC Congress fringe meeting in Manchester at 12.45pm on Tuesday (11).

Trade Union Coordinating Group fringe meeting - Monday (10) 12.45pm

A fringe meeting, featuring PCS, at this year’s TUC Congress in Manchester will discuss How Fighting Trade Unions Make A Real Difference.

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