PCS at TUC 2019 daily reports

11 September

Supporting Palestine’s rights to self-determination

Ongoing injustices against Palestinians were condemned by the TUC today (11) in a motion supported by PCS.

Campaigning against hate attacks and right-wing rhetoric

PCS supported calls for a renewed wave of trade union campaigning against homophobia in the face of rising hate attacks and right wing rhetoric.

Reverse swingeing drastic cuts to justice

PCS renewed calls for proper funding for the justice system to reverse years of swingeing cuts which have had a “devastating impact” on society.

10 September

PCS TUC fringe: Be strong and united to win on pensions

By staying united, staying strong and keeping fighting we can win the pensions public sector workers need and deserve, was the powerful conclusion to the PCS public sector pensions fringe at TUC.

Grenfell Tower – never again

The appalling fact that two years after the Grenfell Tower fire many public buildings are still wrapped in the same combustible cladding was highlighting by a TUC motion supported by PCS.

Unions should be at forefront of tackling climate change

Trade unions need to be at the forefront of tackling climate change to avert a global catastrophe, PCS told the TUC Congress today (10).

Financial worries affecting mental health

The lack of attention paid to the mental health of low-paid workers was highlighted in a motion to TUC Congress supported by PCS.

Campaigning to end period poverty

The impact of period poverty on schoolchildren, homeless women, refugees and asylum seekers was highlighted by a TUC Congress motion supported by PCS.

9 September

TUC shows BEIS strikers magnificent support 

PCS members striking for a Living Wage at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy were given a magnificent welcome by TUC Congress as they arrived in Brighton.

TUC campaign to end privatisation and outsourcing in public services supported by PCS

PCS called for the end of outsourcing and privatisation in the civil service following a TUC campaign launch in Brighton.

PCS calls for restoration of genuine collective bargaining to combat low pay and discrimination
The union supported a motion at TUC Congress calling for collective and sectoral bargaining to be extended over more parts of the economy.

PCS calls for e-balloting and an end to anti-trade union laws

The union vowed to campaign to democratise industrial relations, calling for the scrapping the anti-trade union laws and introducing e-balloting

PCS backs call for radical overhaul of modern workplace

Radical demands for an overhaul of the modern workplace, including a four day week, worker ownership and maximum pay ratios were supported by PCS at TUC Congress

8 September

Government great pensions' robbery condemned at TUC Congress

PCS has called for a joint union campaign to defend pensions against government attack in Brighton today.

Mark Serwotka calls for union unity against “worse than Thatcher” Boris Johnson government

As TUC president Mark told delegates at the TUC Congress in Brighton today (8) to unite against a no-deal Brexit and a prime minister who is “worse than Thatcher.”

We must oppose a no-deal Brexit, PCS tells TUC

Whether you voted leave or remain we all have to oppose no deal and have an election as a matter urgency on our terms, was the message to TUC Congress from PCS.

6 September

10 September Join the PCS TUC fringe on public service pensions

Join PCS at our TUC fringe meeting in Brighton on Tuesday lunchtime to hear how unions can ensure members’ public service pensions are honoured.

NEC agrees position on Brexit and general election ahead of TUC Congress

Last week, following the government’s announcement of a suspension of parliament for a crucial 5-week period in September and October, PCS responded by joining the condemnation of Johnson’s clear attack on democracy and urged members to join protests being organised across the UK.

3 September

PCS at TUC 2019: unite to end the pensions robbery

Unite to stop the public sector pensions robbery, is the central message from the PCS delegation heading to Brighton for the 151st TUC Congress this week.

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