PCS TUC fringe Public sector pensions – campaigning to win

When: Tuesday, 10 September

Time: 12.45pm

Venue: Room 1A/B, Brighton conference centre

Against the backdrop of the government’s attack on public sector pensions and the brilliant FBU victory in court, come and listen to speakers and join the discussion with those at the heart of the pensions debate. 

The unlawful age discrimination in the firefighters and judges’ cases, is based on the similar transitional protection measures applied generally across public service pension schemes reformed 4-5 years ago. There should be a complete “read across” of this judgement to PCS members in the civil service pension schemes and those in other public service pension schemes.

General secretaries Mark Serwotka PCS, Matt Wrack FBU and Jo Grady UCU form the panel to explore “what next” for trade unions to ensure members' pensions are honoured.

Chair: Fran Heathcote, president PCS


  • Mark Serwotka (General secretary PCS)
  • Matt Wrack (General secretary FBU)
  • Jo Grady (General secretary UCU)

Refreshments provided.

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