Trans Day of Remembrance - Say No to Transphobia

15 Nov 2017

PCS encourages members to support the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) on 20 November.

About TDoR

TDoR is a key date in the LGBT calendar, focussing on global victims of transphobic hate and violence and remembering those who have lost their lives.

Since 2008, more than 100 Trans people have been murdered across Europe, excluding those potentially misgendered. In the UK, nearly half of young Trans people have attempted suicide.

Transphobic Hate

Despite legal advances for LGBT equality, an undercurrent of LGB and particularly Trans discrimination remains across the UK.

Over the past two years one PCS member has endured a workplace campaign of transphobic hate, receiving over 50 letters containing multiple threats against themselves and LGBT staff.

The member was attacked, including being stabbed in a restricted work area, and had their home targeted in an arson attack while they slept.

Recently this member was dismissed.  Management made clear they had not done anything wrong, their dismissal was instead due to security concerns and their inability to protect the member in work.

Supporting Trans members

PCS believes everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. We will campaign for the member’s reinstatement and that management commit to tackling hate crime and protecting LGBT staff and visitors.

As part of TDoR we are holding a peaceful vigil outside the Victoria and Albert Museum on Monday 20 November from 6pm.  We invite everyone to join us and send a message that PCS opposes Transphobia in workplaces and communities.

Get Involved

Many areas across the UK host TDoR events, notably at the National Trans Memorial in Manchester on 19 November. We encourage members to support local events (where available) to show solidarity with Trans members and the wider community.

Members can also support TDoR via social media using the Photo Opp card, using #TDoR. Please tag @pcs_union and @pcs_proud to allow us to share your images.

Join Proud

All members can join PCS Proud, the national equality network for LGBT members in PCS. Membership is open to all PCS members, whether you identify as LGBT or not.

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