PCS slams Highways England over pay injustice

18 Jun 2019

Figures detailing executive salaries at Highways England reveal a massive pay injustice at the employer, PCS has claimed.

We represent staff at Highways England and are in dispute with the employer over its refusal to pay its members an above inflation pay rise.

Management has continued to claim that there is no available funding for a pay rise above 1%. However, a Freedom of Information request has revealed that an increasing number of executives are being paid in excess of £100,000.

Highways England, a government-owned company of which the transport secretary, Chris Grayling, is the sole shareholder, now pays 63 individuals in Highways England in excess of £100,000. The total pay bill for these executives is £8,537,714.54.

In 2013, only six people received salaries in excess of £100,000. A previous FoI response showed that as of 31 October 2018, the total number of senior permanent staff paid above £100,000 was 58. Of these, only eight were female. This compares to 26 (4 female) in 2017 and 12 (2 female) in 2016.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Before becoming a government-owned company in 2015, staff in the former Highways Agency were told that taking the agency out of the civil service would give them more flexibility on pay. The reality has been that it has allowed executives to reward themselves with fat cat pay awards while the vast majority of staff who work hard to ensure Highways England delivers its objectives and services have suffered real-term pay cuts year after year.

“It’s time the employer sat down with our negotiators and delivered on our realistic and affordable pay demands, instead of continuing to preside over this startling pay injustice.

“If Highways England continues with its imposition of a below inflation 1% pay rise, we will have no other option than to ballot our members on industrial action to achieve the pay award they deserve.”

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