Vote no to oppose MOJ attacks on your contract

08 Aug 2018

PCS is balloting members from next week (15) over Ministry of Justice plans to cut their terms and conditions in exchange for an average 11% pay rise over 5 years, for which no extra government money has been made available.

Under the MOJ’s modernising employment proposition staff would work longer hours and have their terms and conditions cut in exchange for the pay increase.

The MOJ wants our members to sell out their terms and conditions by:

  • Suffering cuts to overtime and motor mileage allowance and reductions in sick pay
  • Signing up to longer working hours or declare themselves part time and receive a pro-rated award to fund the deal as there is no extra money from the Treasury.   

You can read the full offer online.

Our members pride themselves on playing a crucial role in delivering justice across the country despite facing years of cuts and closures. The latest threat they and the justice system are facing is the MOJ’s modernising employment proposition.

The PCS MOJ group executive has serious concerns that while most workers would get a pay increase the offer falls well short of the PCS national play claim and our claim in MoJ which sought a 5% annual increase and one which was fully funded and did not require staff to sell terms and conditions. We are holding a ballot from 15 August until 2pm on 30 August, organised by independent scrutineers, in which we recommend members vote no to reject the offer because it is over too long a timescale and will adversely affect terms and conditions.

Vote no

We urge all eligible members to vote no to the question:

Do you accept the modernising employment proposition 2018-2022 offer?

The flaw in the MEP offer is that it is largely self-financed. The lack of new money from government means that while the majority of staff will receive a pay award they will have to sell their terms and conditions to get it.

Have your say

MOJ negotiators have made it clear that these proposed detrimental changes linked to this offer can only take effect with the consent of PCS membersOnly you can decide if you think it is the right thing to do. 

Only members of recognised trade unions in MOJ (excluding HMPPS) will have a say on their working hours and terms and conditions. PCS is the biggest union and has recognition across all grades and work areas in the justice sector.

We need every member to vote in this ballot and to have their say on the offer. Read the planned changes to terms and conditions before voting, and when they have done so vote in this critically important ballot.

If members vote to reject the offer PCS will seek to reopen negotiations with the MoJ on pay. In addition to seeking improvements to the current offer we will also demand clarity from the employer on HMCTS reform, job security and terms and conditions of service.


If you have registered a personal email address with PCS you will be sent instructions about how to vote online, which you can do until 2pm on 30 August. If you don’t have a registered personal email address you will receive your ballot paper by post and you must return your ballot paper by Tuesday 23, August.

What you can do

  • Vote no in the ballot
  • Attend a PCS meeting – we are planning to organise members’ meetings at every office in the next month
  • Encourage non-members to join PCS. If you join by 23 August you will be able to vote in this ballot if you register a personal email address.

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