Voting to end poverty pay in courts

02 Apr 2019

 PCS is balloting members working for G4S and MITIE on a HMCTS security and cleaning contract over the failure to meet our demands on pay and terms and conditions.

PCS launched a campaign in G4S and Mitie for members working on the HM Courts and Tribunals Service contract with the aim of achieving improved terms and conditions including an end to poverty pay, increased holiday, sick pay from day one and PCS recognition for all employees on the contract.

The ballot will open on Monday 8 April and close on 29 April.  Members are being asked if they will take part in strike action.  Such action could result in courts being closed and hearings being cancelled.

PCS industrial officer Laura Bee said: “We want to make it clear to the Ministry of Justice that our members cannot tolerate poverty pay any longer and that they must ensure that contracts are awarded to companies that can and will pay the real National Living Wage, as determined by the Living Wage Foundation.

The ballot will ensure that we have a strong mandate from PCS members that supports our demands for a living wage pay increase.

The current contract covering England and Wales is split roughly between north (G4S) and south (MITIE). New contracts are due to be awarded in August and implement in December. The new contracts will be one to cover cleaning for the whole country and one that takes all security.

One G4S member working on the current contract said:

“Working for G4S on minimum wage means I am barely getting by. I cannot afford anything apart from the essentials, and even that is a constant struggle. I have to choose between food and electric. I would be better off financially if I didn't work and claimed benefits. The only thing that is stopping me doing this is pride. The government says that work will pay, but that doesn't include working for G4S on a government contract.”

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