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11 Sep 2020

Many members PCS have been in workplaces throughout the pandemic, and many people have been able to do their job from home.

We have negotiated with a range of different employers and we’ve reached agreements that have meant that most people are able to work safely, either in a workplace or the majority at home.

Last week the UK government decided to take a different approach. The cabinet decided to instruct civil servants in England to go back to their workplace. We don’t think that is just wrong, we actually think it is unsafe and irresponsible with infection rates accelerating and local lockdowns in place for many people.

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At a time when the coronavirus is rearing its ugly head again through increased infection rates in many parts of the UK and local lockdown in place for many people, it is irresponsible to suddenly break up what we’ve had for the last 6 months and force people back into a workplace, irrespective of their circumstances. PCS opposes that and we believe our job is to keep members safe.

If you are a PCS member and need help contact your PCS rep or our coronavirus response team.

Tell us what you think

Next week we are launching a survey to find out your views on:

  •          How strongly you would oppose any forced return to workplaces
  •          Whether you would support action to stop a forced return to workplaces

Your views are important and help your national executive committee decide how best to approach your employer and how strongly we should campaign, up to and including industrial action.

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