Why we’re saying yes to take action over pay

12 Apr 2019

With our ballot in its fourth week our members have been telling us why they have voted yes and yes in our ballot for industrial action over pay.

Our ballot, which runs until 29 April, is asking PCS members in the civil service if they are prepared to take strike action or industrial action short of a strike to get the pay rise they deserve.

If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you post your ballot paper by 24 April.

Members who have already voted have been telling us why they have voted yes to take action.

Struggling with debt

Colin, who works for the DWP in Glasgow, said: “I’ve been a civil servant for 14 years and in all that time I’ve never had a huge wage increase. Especially in the last few years with the rise in living costs I am barely keeping afloat.

I need a wage increase to help me survive and live from day to day. By the end of the month I struggle as I have almost nothing left and sometimes have to use my credit card putting me further into debt. That is why I have voted yes twice in this ballot. I need to be paid a fair and decent wage for my work.”

Local impact of low pay

Fidel from Acas in Leeds said: “I’ve voted yes because even though I’m now an EO which is technically a management grade, I’m working two jobs in order to have money left over.

Bad pay makes it bad for everyone: we can’t spend as much locally and in so many places the public sector is the biggest employer meaning we drag down the average wage for the whole area.

I’ve voted yes yes to show a weak government that we are not to be messed with.”

Pressure on the government

Alan from DWP Stockport said: “Why I’ve voted yes for a pay rise? Our pay has stalled for far too long and we cannot wait for someone to benevolently award civil servants a pay rise. I've voted yes because I want my voice heard by the government, cabinet office and treasury so maximum pressure can be applied by PCS negotiators.”

Kirsty, who works for HMRC in Glasgow, said: “I've voted yes because it's the only way we can achieve what so many of our friends and colleagues desperately need - a decent wage for an honest day's work.”

Share your story by emailing editor@pcs.org.uk and tell us why you’ve voted yes and what a pay rise would mean to you.

Need a ballot paper?

The deadline for requesting a replacement ballot paper is 5pm on Thursday, 18 April but the sooner you request it the better. You can do this using our simple web form.

To be sure that your ballot paper arrives on time and your vote will be counted you should have it in the post no later than Wednesday, 24 April.

Not yet a member?

Only PCS members can vote, but it’s not too late to join online.

New member applications deadline is 5pm on Friday, 12 April.

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