Winning the ballot training sessions prove popular

11 Jun 2018

There was great enthusiasm for PCS pay ballot training sessions which took place across the country at the weekend.

The Saturday sessions in London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield and Peterborough had the theme winning the industrial action ballot.

Our pay ballot opens on Monday (18) and runs until 23 July.

Because of new trade union laws, to win the statutory ballot we need more than 50% of our total membership to vote. Voting can only take place by post.

It is vitally important that we achieve the 50% margin to give the union a strong mandate to proceed with our campaign.

Motivating, organising, involving

The training events looked at how we motivate the members who are as yet undecided to participate in the pay ballot, how we organise our existing activists, and how we involve new people.

The response from the reps and members who attended was overwhelmingly positive and there are further sessions this week. On Friday (15) there is a session in Belfast from 2.30-5pm, and on Saturday (16) sessions are taking place in:

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Manchester
  • And Newcastle.

To sign up for these remaining sessions complete the online form.

For more information on the Belfast meeting or if you would like support to deliver ‘winning the ballot’ training in your group or branch, email

Find out more about our pay campaign.

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