You are your union, tell us your story

20 May 2020

We are keen to hear from members why they joined PCS, what they get out of their membership and why they have got more involved in their union.

You will have a variety of reasons for joining your union, such as:

  • You had an issue at work
  • You felt you needed greater protection during the coronavirus crisis
  • Someone invited you to a branch meeting
  • A rep asked you to join
  • You wanted to help improve conditions where you work
  • A friend or family member recommended you join.

But we would like to know your own personal reason, so email your reasons to and let us know if you’re happy for us to use your details or if you’d prefer to be anonymous.

Taken the next step? Tell us

Lots of people have stepped up and got involved in PCS in their workplace. The first step many members take is becoming a PCS Advocate.

As an advocate you can:

  • Encourage non-members to consider joining PCS
  • Encourage your colleagues at work to come to union meetings
  • Make sure your colleagues have got the latest information from our union.

In your role you will be:

  • Sent regular updates about being an advocate
  • Offered short training sessions and support from your union
  • Occasionally asked to help out with national and local campaigns and initiatives.

Sign up now

You can register as a union advocate, or get more information, by:

If you self-nominate we will notify your branch so they can get in touch. If you need to update your details log into PCS Digital.

Please give your membership number, name and up-to-date contact details if sending an email.

Get in touch

If you’ve got involved let us know what you’ve done and how it has benefitted you and your colleagues, and we will use your words to help encourage others to step up and take part and help improve their working lives.




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