Allowances and retention on transfers

A member in a mobile grade was forced to transfer from one office to another while on sick. The previous post attracted a specialist allowance plus overtime. The new post did not attract the allowance and overtime was not available.

Bonus schemes, transfer between departments

Our member Ms Y is employed by a major Government Department. In addition to operating a basic pay system, the Department has a bonus scheme based on performance. In 2004 a panel concluded that Ms Y should be given an award. However, unbeknown to Ms Y, another panel in the Business Unit she had transferred to concluded that an award should not be made.

Bonus scheme, maternity leave

Our member's Civil Service Department operates a staff bonus scheme. The rules state that the contents of this scheme are not part of terms and conditions. The rules also cover bonuses for employees on maternity leave. If this absence is in excess of 4 weeks the employees' bonus payment will be pro-rate'd. Bonuses are also subject to the annual performance review. Do the statutory Maternity and Parental Leave Regulations apply?

Deductions from wages, overpayment in salary

Our member Ms X knew she was to receive a small reduction in her salary at the same time as receiving a pay rise. As a result she did not notice if she had received a salary overpayment. The employer discovered the overpayment and made proposals for repayment. This was rejected by Ms X and revised arrangements were offered.

Deductions from wages, calculation of rate of pay

A member was dismissed on grounds of "medical inefficiency". The member suffered from stress related illness and depression. There were also allegations of harassment and victimisation in the workplace. A question arose at a later date about unpaid wages and how these had been calculated by the employer.

Equal pay, salary differential

A male worker (Mr X) was employed on a temporary short term contract. Our member (Ms Y) was not satisfied that there was justification for placing Mr X on a higher salary level. Thompsons were asked to advise if Ms Y had a potential equal value claim

Equal pay, Equal Pay Act

Ms Y had been employed for 22 years. She worked part time from 1993 but returned to full time hours. She became aware that staff she was managing in a more junior grade earned more than she did, and that other colleagues who were promoted three years after her were also paid more. PCS requested advice on whether or not the company's arrangements breached the Equal Pay Act.

Non-pensionable bonuses, discrimination?

Our member Mr X has had his last 3 years pay increases paid in the form of non pensionable bonuses. He has reached the top of his scale and as such further advances payable to him are not consolidated into his salary. Is there any prospect of pursuing any claims on the grounds of age or sex discrimination?

Salary overpayments

Member was given temporary promotion. On returning to her substantive grade she received letters confirming her change in salary. The employer discovered she had been overpaid for 3 years, and measures were imposed to recover salary in phases. Was the employer is legally entitled to recover the overpayment and reduce current salary?


A group of members work overtime at the weekends. On occasion the computer systems break down and the employer sends them home, paying less salary for the full period of work specified by management beforehand. Is there any legal redress? 

Updated 7 Feb 2017

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