Become an activist (

We encourage all our members to get more active in the union to build our strength across the civil service and related areas and make sure we represent all our diverse range of members.

Speak to one of your local reps about becoming a union rep or advocate.

We won’t throw you in the deep end. There is a comprehensive programme of training available. All new reps should take the 6-day PCS Workplace Reps course. And there are also specific courses for Health and Safety Reps, Learning Reps, and shorter courses on a wide range of equality, organising and campaigning subjects.

Find out what we do

You can get involved in PCS without being a rep. If you want to find out more about what PCS do, sign up for a Welcome to PCS course in your region. It's a 1-day course that gives a bit of a background for those new to trade unions.


If you want to get more involved but don’t want to be a rep, why not become a PCS Union Advocate? All PCS regions have regular 1-hour advocate introductory sessions, telling you what's involved, giving you tips and ideas on how you can help your branch communicate better with members, assist on campaigns, and play a part in building a stronger union in your workplace.

Email ( if you are interested in becoming more active in your union.

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