18 June 2021

Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace – update for members

Members have been briefed by management about the process for the transfer of Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace staff to the new/different organisations.

PCS is involved fully in the consultations with both the sender and receiver organisations and formal collective consultation will open on the 30th June until the 30th July when PCS will be able to correspond fully with members regarding the details of the transition into their receiver organisations and terms and conditions.

In relation to members transferring to UK Health Security Agency which is a new organisation in the DHSC, the policies that will apply in this organisation are currently being written and it is intended to take the best of current PHE and NHS T& T policies going forward.

If you are a member who has transferred or seconded into Test and Trace or any other employer within the Health Group, it important that you update your membership details with PCS so that we can correspond with you directly during what is an unsettling period and ensure you are updated accordingly. You can update your details on PCS Digital. (https://pcsunion.force.com/pcsdigital/s/login/)

We realise that there are many questions being raised but until the formal consultation period begins, PCS reps will be unable to answer specific questions about individual’s circumstances. However, please ensure that you are fully conversant with your job description and current terms and conditions. Once the formal consultation period opens PCS will be running a series of member meetings to hear and take forward concerns.


Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/public-health-england-nhs-test-trace-update-members