9 July 2021

Ask your MP to call for Mitie to withdraw fire and rehire threat

Government security guards and other outsourced facilities management workers employed by Mitie are facing detrimental changes to their pay arrangements and being threatened with 'fire and rehire' if they don’t sign up to the changes.

Outsourcing giant Mitie is planning to align the pay arrangements of ex-Interserve employees to that of Mitie employees resulting in low-paid, key workers losing hundreds of pounds every month.

Use our e-action (https://e-activist.com/page/86010/action/1) to email your MP to ask them to sign early day motion #256 calling on Michael Gove, minister for the Cabinet Office to instruct Mitie to withdraw its fire and rehire threats immediately. And also to support Barry Gardiner’s private members’ bill to outlaw fire and rehire in the UK once and for all.

Mitie Group Plc bought out the facilities management arm of Interserve in December. The company is now the biggest facilities management provider across government with over 14 government contracts where PCS has members.

Ex-Interserve staff were assured at the time of the takeover there would be no changes to their terms and conditions. Just six months later, in May, Mitie announced plans to align the pay arrangements of ex-Interserve employees to that of Mitie employees. This will result in low paid, key workers losing hundreds of pounds every month. One member said “this feels like a slap in the face after all we have done to keep government workplaces safe and secure during the pandemic”.

Security guards employed at the Cabinet Office, the former Department for International Development and the civil service hub in Canary Wharf have already been successful in getting the damaging pay changes delayed. However, the company has refused to row back and withdraw its fire and rehire threat.  

The government itself has publicly stated that it is immoral to use the threat of fire and rehire as a negotiating tactic to force through changes to people’s employment contracts, or for employers to turn to dismissal and rehiring too hastily, rather than continue to engage in meaningful negotiations”.

We are calling for PCS members, whether working in the public or private sector to use our (https://e-activist.com/page/86010/action/1)e-action (https://e-activist.com/page/86010/action/1) to send a clear message to government that bullying fire and hire tactics have no place in our workplaces.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/ask-your-mp-call-mitie-withdraw-fire-rehire-threat