13 July 2021

HMCTS update following government announcement on easing of restrictions

The latest government announcement confirmed that the plans to ease lockdown restrictions will go ahead as planned on  19 July 2021. 

PCS representatives met with employer representatives today to discuss the implications and impacts of the announcement. The joint position remains that health, safety and welfare is the key priority. We are pleased to report that HMCTS do not intend to relax current measures in place in staff and court room areas including wearing of face coverings, social distancing and Perspex screens and will continue to publicise and encourage the use of masks and other mitigations for lay and professional court users. 

HMCTS’ position is those who are currently working from home can continue to do so and there will be no sudden mass recall to offices. Discussions on phased returns to workplaces are continuing and we will provide updates as these discussions progress. There is an agreement that before any individual is expected to return to their workplace a Covid Individual Risk Indicator (CIRI) assessment will be undertaken and PCS welcomes this decision.

We recognise that many of our members have, and continue, to attend workplaces and we recognise the anxieties and uncertainties that arise as a result of the announcement to proceed with the easing of restrictions. We remain committed to working with employer representatives to address issues our members are experiencing. Members should continue to raise concerns with their local representatives in the first instance.

There is a weekly Covid meeting with senior HMCTS representatives held every Tuesday and we will continue to report updates from these meetings.

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