14 July 2021

Dispute resolution talks over jobcentres

PCS remain in dispute with the DWP following the consultative ballot of members that work in Jobcentres.

Formal dispute resolution consultation began between PCS and members of the DWP executive team yesterday. We were clear that members feel even less safe about face to face working now than they did at the time of the ballot as a result of the rapid rise in infections due to the Delta variant of the corona virus.

We continue to demand that:

●    Only face to face interviews with those identified as the most vulnerable until the vaccine programme is complete and low rates of infection have been sustained for a significant period 

●    The easements put in place during the pandemic, which have allowed members to focus on paying benefits to those who need them, continue with no escalation in Labour Market activity

●    Adhering to full work coach empowerment, where they decide how to progress their caseload

●    A full equality analysis to be carried out on both the extended services and any significant return of staff to offices.

The DWP has given PCS a commitment to continue the talks with a view to settling the dispute. We are committed to using the mandate given to us by members to secure the safest outcome possible for members. 

We will issue more detailed information in the next few days to update members about the progress of consultation with the Department about the face to face dispute.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/dispute-resolution-talks-over-jobcentres