22 July 2021

Summer’s here – time to sign up for PCS autumn courses

Schools and colleges are finishing for the summer but it’s never too early to book PCS Academy online training for the autumn, and there are also a number of courses running in the next few weeks.

Whether it’s a full health and safety or workplace reps training programme, organising and advocates sessions, or a short equalities course, the PCS Academy autumn 2021 term programme (https://pcsunion.quip.com/bUK8AgDFrVoz/Branch-Briefing-PCS-Academy-Courses-August-to-December-2021) has something to enable PCS members in every region to become more active in their union branch. Don’t miss out on autumn term courses – be an early bird and book your places now.  

Due to the ongoing Covid situation, the forthcoming term will again see all courses delivered online via Zoom but, working with our trade union education college partners, we pledge to maintain the high quality of PCS training, and ensure everyone who needs to access a PCS Academy course can do so. Registration for all courses (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/courses) is online via PCS Digital (https://pcsunion.force.com/pcsdigital/s/login/?language=en_US&startURL=/pcsdigital/s/&ec=302). For more information contact us at academy@pcs.org.uk (mailto:academy@pcs.org.ukl)

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/summers-here-time-sign-pcs-autumn-courses