22 July 2021

From the editor

Welcome to the third edition of PCS Voice for 2021.

This is the first edition from the newly-elected editorial board, and I would once again like to welcome Lorna, Joe and Nicky to the board. I look forward to working more with you this electoral year.

In this edition we focus mainly on campaigning and organising. Our main article from group organiser Matt Cunningham looks at putting campaigning at the heart of organising.

Full-time officer Mark Page provides an update on the ongoing jobcentre safety dispute and the decisions taken by the group executive committee.

Members last month had a paltry pay offer imposed on them. Group president Martin Cavanagh talks about this offer, which was not agreed by PCS, and the next steps in the national pay campaign.

The subject of hybrid working has been raised with reps on a regular basis and, as places start to open back up, it is becoming more of a focus in members’ minds. Mark Page provides some information about hybrid working in this edition.

Finally, we have a tribute to John Collinson from the reps in the North East region. John recently passed away and the tribute shows just how well thought of he was. I am sure that everyone will join me in sending condolences to John’s family and friends, and to all who have lost loved ones.

If any member has a story they wish to share or comment they wish to be included in future issues, please send these to dwpeditor@pcs.org.uk (mailto:dwpeditor@pcs.org.uk)

Liz McGachey
DWP Group Journal Editor

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