22 July 2021

Heading towards retirement

Kenny McKay, former PSMA President and NEC member, looks towards retirement after 47 years of activism with PCS and predecessor unions.

I am winding down towards my retirement at the end of August and as such this is likely to be one of the last articles I will be asked to write for the union. In preparation for my retirement, I did not stand for any of the union positions I recently held.

I will no longer be the lead rep in the Atos group. Alistair Maxwell will be taking over the role as group president for PCS in the company as well as branch chair for the Glasgow branch. Over the next few weeks Alistair will hopefully be released from his team to allow for training and be updated on any outstanding issues to help ensure there is a relatively smooth handover of his new role. This is so he can take up the role with the minimum amount of disruption to industrial relations. Alistair will take on the facility time to deal with union issues.

I have been a member of PCS and its predecessor union for 48 years, 47 as a rep in one form or another, from a local rep to PCS Group President in Siemens and then Atos, being president of the PCS Private Sectors Members’ Association and serving on the NEC. I have seen a lot of changes during that time from being a civil servant, privatised by NS&I to Siemens and then transferred to Atos.

One thing I have always believed in is being a member of a trade union is important and collectively gives you strength as one is a lonely number. Being on your own with no one to turn to is not good for your health. If any of your colleagues are not a member of the union then please encourage them to join.

 I have made many friends and hopefully very few enemies during my time as a rep and a person. I have always tried to do my best although on occasions it may not always have been good enough

The past year or so with the Covid pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone and hopefully we will soon see light at the end of tunnel and things will get to a time of no lockdown restrictions and being able to travel and meet up with friends and family which we have been unable to do so. I wish everyone a safe and prosperous future.

Finally, congratulations to Adrian Hedley and Jas McGuinness on their election to the union’s NEC as representatives of the private sector and their experience as outsourced workers will be invaluable to PCS.

Kenny McKay

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