11 August 2021

Read the latest edition of PCS Progress online now

The latest issue of PCS Progress is online now and is full of news and information for members in the PCS Land Registry group.

From the president (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/president-0)
Newly-elected group president, Dave Lunn, reflects on the key issues facing PCS members in HM Land Registry.

From the editor (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/editor-0)
Mark Kelly reflects on the key issues facing HM Land Registry this summer.

Brilliant Teams inspiring leaders (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/brilliant-teams-inspiring-leaders)
Sandy Borrill, from the LTUS at Hull Office, outlines how PCS has helped shape HMLR’s bold leadership model through timely consultation.

Customer service centre (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/customer-service-centre)
Clare Williams, a GEC member from the Swansea Office, provides a summary of the ongoing CSC discussions.

Apprentice to GEC and beyond (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/apprentice-gec-beyond)
Prashant Raja, from Leicester Office, reflects on his time as an apprentice member on the GEC and how it has benefited his career.

And goodbye to Andy Woodgate (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/goodbye-andy-woodgate)
Michael Kavanagh pays tribute to retiring DTUS Secretary, Andy Woodgate, who will be leaving HMLR at the end of August after 38 years service.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/read-latest-edition-pcs-progress-online-now