2 September 2021

Pay in Natural England

PCS has had a series of meetings with Natural England to discuss pay.

Disappointingly Natural England have been restrained by the public sector pay remit and could not offer anything outside of these pay restraints. As a result, along with civil service employers and arm’s length bodies, Natural England have offered staff earning less than £24k an increase of up to £250 in consolidated pay and absolutely nothing for staff earning more than £24k.

PCS, in line with national union policy has rejected this offer.

Non-consolidated pay

In line with the Treasury imposed restrictions the only scope for negotiations between the unions and Natural England was the size and distribution of the non-consolidated (or bonus) pay pot.
PCS is opposed to performance related pay as it is based on statistical data, it discriminates against the lowest paid as well as many disadvantaged groups such as women, part time workers, people with disabilities and BAME people.
Through negotiation PCS persuaded Natural England to move from their original position of graduated distribution of the non-consolidated pot, based on grade and performance marking, to a position where the pot was split evenly amongst all staff. This is a much fairer position for members.

Outstanding pay issues in Natural England

PCS has been pressing for some years for a review of pay and grading in Natural England. Over time many anomalies have arisen that have resulted in members doing broadly similar work being graded differently. Additionally, there we have been pushing Natural England to improve pay progression within pay scales. 
PCS is also in discussion with Core DEFRA about pay issues across the sector and pressing the Department to harmonise pay. It is clear that members in Natural England are disadvantaged in relation to staff working in other areas under the DEFRA umbrella.
Natural England promised a pay review to address some of these issues at the end of the last pay round but there has been no evidence of progress during the interim period.  
In recent discussions Natural England have confirmed a recommencement of the review process however, PCS remains concerned about the timeframe of the review and the commitment of the employer to making the review meaningful.

Members' Meetings

Despite the limited nature of this year’s pay award we want to meet with PCS members to discuss how we take the broader pay campaign forward and to hear your views. We will hold a meeting using Microsoft Teams, on Wednesday 8 September from 1pm to 2pm, to discuss all pay issues in Natural England.  

If you are unable to attend the meeting but want your voice heard please email leeds@pcs.org.uk

Teams meeting details: 13:00 to 14:00 Wednesday 8 September

Join on your computer or mobile app  (https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_M2UzMjU3MTEtNmU1MS00MzkxLWFjMTktMzFhY2IzMGZhZWQz%40thread.v2/0?context=%7B%22Tid%22%3A%22770a2450-0227-4c62-90c7-4e38537f1102%22%2C%22Oid%22%3A%222c99de66-5325-48f2-9869-174a6153cf6d%22%7D)or call in (audio only) 020 3321 5273, 508400044# Phone Conference ID: 508 400 044# 

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