10 September 2021

PCS blocks fire and rehire and pay cuts in Homes England

PCS members in Homes England (HE) have won a victory stopping plans to use fire and rehire and cut pay.

Management at HE proposed a much needed review of pay and grading problems, which were caused by them, allowing too many staff to join on individual contracts.

PCS agreed to a review, but fiercely opposed potential pay cuts for around 100 staff and the threat of fire and rehire in managements initial proposals. 
Members' meetings fully backed the reps and PCS put in parliamentary questions and wrote to Ministers demanding fire and rehire plans must be dropped completely. 
After lengthy and detailed talks at ACAS all reference to fire and rehire has been dropped and no members will face a pay cut. This is a victory for PCS members. 
Management's final offer covering 2020/2021 and a full regrading gives more money to the lowest paid but it does mean that some members will face a period on mark time. PCS members are now considering the detail of the offer. 
General secretary Mark Serwotka said, “This is a real victory won by our members and negotiators. It shows the importance of being in a union and the difference that unions make in the workplace.”

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/pcs-blocks-fire-rehire-pay-cuts-homes-england