6 October 2021

An emerging nation

The UK is an emerging nation. We are gradually going out.

It started slowly with older people booking in advance to visit museums and galleries. Now we are going to pubs and restaurants. 

It is clear that pubs are catering for different age groups. In some places people are welcome with table service and social distancing until 5pm at which time the sound system goes berserk, and social distancing is forgotten because young people can't hear each other speak over the music.

Table service in pubs has been enjoyable for those of us who are used to being ignored at the bar because we are too small, too female, too old and/or too poor.

By and large the older generation has followed the rules. We are still wearing masks and many of us have not seen friends and relatives for months. I wrote to my MP about Matt Hancock having failed to follow his own advice on social distancing and travel. My mother died in April and at the funeral we were limited to 20 people and 20 minutes with nowhere to go afterwards. I missed a friend's funeral in the northwest. It seems that Matt Hancock followed Dominic Cummings' rules on travel rather than his own. 

Sadly something else is emerging, the abolition of the triple lock. An 8% increase on the state pension would have seen me enjoying the princely sum of an additional £11 a week. I would have enjoyed spending that as my contribution to regenerating the economy. I am surprised that the government is so reluctant to give money to people who would spend it.

We are where we are, and I haven't got a clue where that is.

Maxine Leyland
ARMs London

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/emerging-nation