9 November 2021

PCS condemns job losses at Cosham Pensions centre

100 jobs are set to be lost at the vital service in Portsmouth after DWP confirmed the news to staff today.

Cosham was scheduled for closure on 1st April this year as part of a review.  

However, following the breakout of the global Covid-19 pandemic, DWP was forced to recruit 13,500 extra work coaches along with many more thousands to answer phones and to help benefit claimants. 

To push ahead with the closure of Cosham would be disgraceful and would represent a terrible loss to the local economy, both in terms of jobs and DWP’s ability to assist those needing pensions advice.   

With DWP intending to open up 200 hundred new buildings across the country this decision to close a site in Portsmouth flies in the face of that approach. 

PCS Industrial Officer Ian Bartholomew said: “These job losses are a devastating blow to our members and to the local economy. 

"It makes no sense to throw 100 workers on the scrapheap when pensions processing needs more staff not less.

“Staff are extremely angry, and we will now mount a vigorous campaign to defend this crucial local service. 

"We will be assessing all our options up to and including strike action.”

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/pcs-condemns-job-losses-cosham-pensions-centre