24 November 2021

On payday get involved in the PCS national campaign

Our members are feeling the pinch more than ever as the cost-of-living crisis deepens, on payday we want them to get involved in our campaign to raise pay, pensions and living standards.

Despite being the government’s own workers many members are struggling financially. Unless we see a significant pay rise in the region of 10% their living standards are set to go backwards.

Now we need to campaign. We’re talking to representatives of other public sector unions, representing nurses, teachers and council workers, because they face the same massive cuts in living standards. And we’re hoping to build a broad campaign across all unions to defend members’ living standards and ensure they get decent pay rises and pensions. But in PCS we have to ensure that we start that campaign now.

Members are facing:

  • Rising inflation
  • Paying 2% more a month for their civil service pension
  • Cuts to Universal Credit which many claim
  • An increase in National Insurance contributions
  • 11 years of pay caps and freezes.

Use the new PCS pensions loss calculator (https://www.pcs.org.uk/our-pensions-calculator), which will show how much you have overpaid for your pension this month and then share your loss on social media on payday. You should also input your loss into our editable graphic (https://pcsunion.force.com/pcsdigital/s/sharepoint-share-link?id=3225), and use our e-action (https://bit.ly/3n0Xefu) to share what you have lost with their MP.

Tell us about your financial struggles and email your graphic to editor@pcs.org.uk (mailto:editor@pcs.org.uk) We want as many people as possible to do this on payday.

Watch the latest campaign video

We are holding a series of national campaign meetings around the UK. We want all members to go along, take part in the debate and help plan our campaigns at a national and local level. Look out for announcements on our events page (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/events), or email campaigns@pcs.org.uk (mailto:campaigns@pcs.org.uk) for more details.

Get involved. Whether you are working from home, or in the workplace, you have bills to pay.

You deserve better than this.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/payday-get-involved-pcs-national-campaign