8 December 2021

Downing Street Christmas party condemned by PCS

The union has called on ministers responsible to resign for organising the event, in breach of Covid safety rules, last year.

A PCS spokesman said: "If Downing Street broke Covid rules over Christmas last year while millions of people followed government guidance, then ministers responsible should resign.

"It is a slap in the face to all the thousands of families who have lost loved ones to Covid and the height of hypocrisy that politicians were partying when the overwhelming majority abided by Christmas restrictions.

"It is only by everyone following safety precautions and getting the vaccine that we will be able to reduce deaths and protect the NHS."

PCS has recently written to the Cabinet Office (https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/pcs-demands-urgent-meeting-permanent-secretary-over-omicron-variant) calling for "working from home" to be made the default position, in the wake of the new Omicron variant and rising Covid cases.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/downing-street-christmas-party-condemned-pcs