15 December 2021

DVLA urged to act to keep staff safe from omicron

PCS has urged the DVLA to introduce a range of measures to keep staff safe from the latest wave of the virus and the highly transmittable omicron variant.

In a letter sent yesterday to chief executive Julie Lennard and HR director Louis White, we noted the changing guidance from both the Welsh and Westminster governments and stressed the need to reduce numbers on site in Swansea to keep staff safe.

We are calling on the DVLA to act now to protect the health of staff and to implement the following:

  • For all staff who score a 4 or above on an individual risk assessment to be enabled to work from home, or be home on special paid leave where home working is not possible.
  • For all staff who can and have been able to work from home throughout the pandemic to again be permitted to work from home.
  • For all staff not yet protected by their booster vaccination to be sent home until they are properly inoculated.

We expect the DVLA to take staff health and safety seriously and meet with us urgently to agree measures to keep staff safe.

We have been made aware this morning that the DVLA is mobilising its operations towards key worker applications, just like at the beginning of the pandemic. The difference now is that there are regularly between 1300 and 1700 staff on site at any one time, as opposed to the skeleton staff deployed by the agency in March 2020 to do the same task.


The DVLA must do what other civil service departments across the country have done and return to the working from home guidance, with as many staff as possible working from home.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/dvla-urged-act-keep-staff-safe-omicron