12 January 2022

Get involved with learning in your branch

Find out about becoming a union learning rep with time off for training and supporting members in your workplace.

What is a ULR?

Union learning reps (ULRs) play a huge role in helping members gain the learning and development opportunities they need. Whether it’s promoting relevant external or employer-run courses, advising apprentices about their rights, or helping to arrange support and training in the workplace, ULRs play a vital but often overlooked trade union role.

 Where do ULRs fit in to our union?

Just like health and safety reps, ULRs are legally entitled to paid time off from work to be trained and to carry out their role. Every PCS branch should make the most of these rights and encourage new learning reps to help build a stronger, high profile union in the workplace. Well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable ULRs are a real asset and a great source of support and advice for all members.

 How do I become a PCS union learning rep?

Sign up for one of this term’s upcoming PCS learning reps training courses:

Register for your course today and begin making a difference on learning.

If you have any questions about union rep training, please email tuedacademy@pcs.org.uk (mailto:tuedacademy@pcs.org.uk)

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