14 January 2022

British Council staff to be balloted for strike action

From Beirut to Bogota, PCS members from all over the world, will be asked whether they want to take strike action at the British Council. 

The ballot opens next Friday (21) and runs until 25 February.

British Council management has failed to rule out compulsory redundancies or outsourcing parts of the operation to the private sector.

This despite the fact PCS members returned an 80% yes vote on a huge turnout, following a consultative ballot, last year, for industrial action.

PCS wants British Council management to halt its transformation programme, including suspending attempts to outsource, ‘short-tour’ staff based overseas and not issue any compulsory redundancy notices.

We are also concerned that if it does not intervene, job cuts could be as high as 20%, with some roles privatised and allowances cut for staff overseas.

Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary said: "The British Council management need to recognise the strength of feeling amongst our members.

"They are dedicated and loyal workforce, but they will not be taken for granted and accept threats of redundancies and privatisation.

"If our members vote for strike action, we will back them every step of the way until they reach a just settlement."

If you are a PCS member at the British Council, please check that your address is recorded correctly on PCS Digital (https://pcsunion.force.com/pcsdigital) and please ensure that you return your ballot paper when it arrives. 

We need every PCS member to have their say and vote.

If you aren’t a PCS member, you can still join and have a ballot paper sent to you. Please contact helenf@pcs.org.uk (mailto:helenf@pcs.org.uk) for more information.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/british-council-staff-be-balloted-strike-action