25 January 2022

The future for thousands of HMRC staff secured following campaigning by PCS

HMRC has announced plans for a new regional centre in Portsmouth and confirmed the second phase of Glasgow Regional Centre will remain at East Kilbride.


The HMRC Building Our Future announcements back in 2015 had wide-ranging consequences for all staff within the department. In the south of England, the HMRC plans were that the only offices to remain open were Worthing and Dover. PCS made it clear to HMRC that this was a risky situation which invited exploitation and increased the likelihood of non-compliance.

Portsmouth will now be retained as a long-term location for HMRC.

PCS believes that community and local member activity, particularly by the Portsdown Vectis branch, has helped to influence changes to the HMRC location plans in the south.

East Kilbride

HMRC’s original plans were that Queensway House in East Kilbride would close in 2025-26, but they have now decided that East Kilbride will be used as the location to supplement the Glasgow Regional Centre. The office will either remain at Queensway House or at another site in East Kilbride.

Over 2000 East Kilbride jobs were on the line and another 2000 people could have been indirectly affected if HMRC left East Kilbride.

The HMRC East Kilbride branch have conducted the ‘Stay in EK’ campaign since 2015, and local politicians from all parties, the local newspaper and businesses united to advocate the retention of jobs in the town.

PCS view

PCS HMRC group president Lorna Merry said, “It's excellent news that Portsmouth will be a long-term strategic location for HMRC, and members can stay there and build their careers. Also staying in East Kilbride will represent value for money for the taxpayer – and provide long-term security for our members and the town.

“PCS has long-since provided an alternative vision to the closure of tax offices and welcomes the willingness of HMRC to be flexible with its plans. Now more than ever we need civil servants to deal with the ongoing and increased demand on our public services.”

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/future-thousands-hmrc-staff-secured-following-campaigning-pcs