26 January 2022

DWP all members meeting tonight

Join the meeting at 6pm to let us know how you feel about a return to work and to help plan our response.

PCS will hold an all DWP members' meeting at 6pm today to consider our response to the DWP’s decision to force Jobcentre members back into workplaces and insisting that all other staff are back in their offices, for all or some of the time, by the end of February.

The meeting will be held by Zoom (https://pcs.zoom.us/j/94318570500?pwd=S2RtNTY3YUc3bGxwdHNnSzJXMGtCdz09&from=addon) and will also be accessible on the PCS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PcsUnion/). The meeting will be addressed by senior PCS representatives and officials.

The last time we held a mass members’ meeting, on 16 December, more than 1,250 members attended. Following that meeting, where over 90% of members indicated that they were prepared to take strike action over jobcentre safety, the DWP backed down and introduced measures designed to reduce footfall in jobcentres. This proves that when members join together we have the power to influence and change top-level decision making, in this case to make our working lives safer.

Not yet a PCS member? Join online today (https://pcsunion.force.com/onlinejoiningform).

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/dwp-all-members-meeting-tonight